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Länggass Tea Anxi Wu Long

A Chinese oolong from the southwest of Fujian. A tea whose beguiling fragrance is reminiscent of a lush flower meadow. MinNan Wu Long is a collective term for the oolong from Anxi and the surrounding area and literally means "oolong south of the Min River". They are produced in large quantities in Anxi County and neighbouring counties from a range of tea plant varieties. Most are produced very green, and oxidation is often carried out in rooms cooled by air conditioning. Usually, after oxidation, the leaves are packed in a bag and repeatedly beaten on the ground to remove the oxidised edges. Then the leaves are alternately fired in heated rotary drums and formed into small lumps in bags on rolling machines. Finally, the teas are dried with hot air in the oven and sometimes roasted over charcoal. The most famous Min Nan Wu Long is An Xi Tie Guan Yin, but other teas are also often called this. A special case is Zhang Ping Shui Xian, which is formed into small pillows. Min Nan Wu Long are very drinkable with fruity-floral, sometimes grassy flavours. Lightly (re-)roasted ones are fuller, heavier, fruitier and not quite as floral.Édition Classique: The selection of 23 varieties offers an overview of the esteemed teas from the classic growing regions. Each individual tea displays the typical character traits of its species and thus offers insight into the infinite variety of flavours in the world of tea. For pleasure, enjoyment and sensual journeys of discovery.