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CHF 33,50 430 g
Urnex Grindz, coffee grinder cleaner

Cleaning agent for all types of freestanding coffee grinders. It cleans your coffee grinder thoroughly and leaves no residue. It is made of tasteless, gluten-free, food-safe ingredients and does not affect the taste of the coffee in any way. It cleans the grinder housing and discs quickly and easily and, with regular use, also prolongs the life of your grinder. Over time, coffee oils and other tiny particles build up in the grinder of your coffee grinder and give the coffee a rancid taste. They also reduce the performance of the grinder, the grinding result and the life of the grinder.The Grindz coffee grinder cleaner, consisting of white-yellow granules in the shape of coffee beans, thoroughly cleans both the grinder housing and the grinding discs and removes the stuck coffee oils and particles from your grinder.For one cleaning cycle, you use one capful of Grindz tablets, which corresponds to approx. 35g. This means that 430g of Grindz is enough for about 10 - 12 cleanings. In the following we explain how to use it.Operating instructions:1. Remove the coffee beans from the funnel2. fill approx. 35g of Grindz (one capful) into the bean container of the espresso grinder.3. Set the grind level to medium and grind4. Then repeat 2 times with the same amount of coffee beansSo cleaning the grinder is quite easy and we recommend repeating it weekly or after about 10kg of coffee if you don't use the grinder that often.Urnex is the leading supplier of cleaning and descaling products. Urnex works with the world's best-known coffee shops, professional baristas and over 40 of the world's leading coffee machine manufacturers and is represented in over 70 countries.