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Puly Caff Powder

Tested and certified. Cleaning powder for portafilter and brew group. Puly Caff was the first special cleaner developed by our "Centro Studi Applicazioni Speciali" specifically for the maintenance of the dispensing group (steam nozzle, sieve and portafilter) and the drain valve of espresso machines. It deodorises, cleans and ensures continued dispensing functionality by quickly and completely eliminating organic residues without attacking the chrome plating of the metal parts and leaving toxic residues on the materials.The cleaner is also unsurpassed for soaking espresso cups, teapots, etc. It cleans and removes coffee residues from ceramics without damaging valuable decorative motifs.Manual cleaning of strainers, portafilter and crockeryPrepare a solution of one portion of PULY CAFF per litre of very warm water; use plastic, stainless steel or glass containers (no aluminium); soak items for 20-30 minutes (possibly overnight) and then rinse with plenty of running water.Frequency of useFor group maintenance, PULY CAFF NSF is normally used after 500 cups of espresso and once a week to maintain the cleanliness and shine of the dishes.Complete cleaning of the group Strainer, Strainer and drain valve- insert the special rubber plug in the drain hole of the strainer- use the normal perforated strainer and add 1 portion of PULY CAFF- let the water flow and wait at least 30-60 seconds- then drain and rinse completely several timesCleaning the group dispensing strainer and drain valve alone- replace the perforated strainer by the one supplied Replace the perforated sieve with the supplied dummy sieve- Add 1 portion of PULY CAFF- Let the water flow and wait at least 30-60 seconds- Then let it drain and rinse completely several timesPuly CAFF is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning agents for coffee preparation. These environmentally friendly cleaners are excellent at dissolving coffee oils, grease, coffee stains and coffee residues.