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Tropical Mountains

Tropical Mountains is a Peruvian-Swiss family business.

Tropical Mountains Passionato 21, Nespresso kompatibel
Peru Directtrade
CHF 13,90 110 g
Tropical Mountains Passionato 21, Nespresso compatible

For a delicious lungo with chocolate aroma and notes of brown sugar. The blend consists of 30% Arabica and 30% Robusta coffee beans from the Tropical Mountains Farm in the Chanchamayo region of Peru, rounded off with Arabica from Brazil and Colombia. From deepest Peru directly to you. On Tropical Mountains' small family farm in Peru, they believe that nature knows best. The mission is to let nature do its thing.Everything they do is sustainable and organic. The coffee trees grow under the tropical sun, well protected by the shade of the local flora. No chemicals are used as they can damage the surrounding ecosystem.They also treat the people with respect. Tropical Mountains are certified members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and work closely with neighbouring farmers. They pay fair wages and contribute a portion of their earnings to local schools. Of course, there are faster and cheaper ways to trade coffee, but they are harmful to the people they care about.The packaging of the capsules is designed to leave no trace. Simply remove the paper from the containers and recycle them. Shred the rest of the packaging and throw it in the compost along with the fully compostable capsules. There are undoubtedly simpler, less laborious ways to create packaging, but they do create a lot of waste.There is a coffee bean under the lid, ready to plant. The Tropical Mountains packaging makes a perfect planter - add some compost or potting soil and you've come full circle.