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Rhino milk jug 360ml, white, with measuring indicator

The white milk jug by Rhinowares is made of stainless steel with a food-safe non-stick coating. It has a wall thickness of 1 mm, which is somewhat thicker than cheaper milk jugs. It is therefore pleasantly heavy in the hand and there is a little more time for frothing the milk because the walls heat up a little more slowly and so the milk stays cool for longer.

The shape of the jug is designed so that the milk can circulate well and fine microfoam can form. However, frothing milk is not easy and requires practice. It can therefore happen that coarse air bubbles form in the milk nevertheless. You can usually remove the coarsest milk bubbles by tapping the milk jug on the tabletop.

The slightly concave spout ensures a straight and steady stream of milk, making it easier to pour and create latte art.

The barista milk jug is available in two different sizes: 360ml and 600ml, as well as in three different colours: blue, black and stainless steel. In contrast to the stainless steel version, the blue and black jugs do not have a dosage indicator on the inside walls.

The correct ratio between the amount of milk and the volume of the milk jug is very important. However, if there is no dosage indicator, you can still easily find the right amount by filling the jug with milk just to the bottom of the spout.

It is not recommended to wash the jug in the dishwasher. It is best to clean it with hot water and mild soap.



stainless steel



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