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Motta Dosing Cup polished stainless steel, 60mm

As good as many precision mills may be, until now they have lacked the device to place the sieve support directly where the freshly ground material comes out of the mill. This means that some of the ground material is often lost.

This is where the dosing cup from Motta comes in. You can position it directly under the grinder so that the desired amount of coffee is ground directly into the dosing cup. The cup also makes it easier to weigh the quantity, as the cup can be placed directly on the scales.

To fill the coffee into the portafilter, place the portafilter upside down on the dosing container, then turn the whole thing 180 degrees and the entire amount of coffee is already in the portafilter.

The dosing cup is suitable for portafilters with a diameter of 57mm, 58mm and 58.5mm, thus for most professional portafilters with an E61 brewing group



stainless steel

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Filling funnel

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