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To ensure that your favourite coffee tastes as it should, you should clean your coffee machine and grinder regularly.

To ensure that your favourite coffee tastes as it should, you should clean your coffee machine and grinder regularly.


To ensure that your favourite coffee tastes as it should, you should clean your coffee machine and grinder regularly. Even the small things you do to prepare your coffee every day can help to keep your machine in good condition for longer. Here are some tips on how to care for your coffee maker.



To prepare tasty coffee, we recommend a water hardness of about 8 dH (German hardness level). This not only ensures a good result in the cup, but also reduces the maintenance of your machine, as less limescale can build up in your coffee machine in the first place. The following water filters may be suitable for this purpose:

  • Brita water filter with Maxtra cartridge: The conventional Brita water filter cleans your water in a separate water tank.
  • Brita Acqua Gusto : For a further reduction of the limescale content in water that already has a low limescale content. Easy to use directly in the water tank of the coffee machine.
  • Water filter for ECM machines: Connection of a filter directly in the water tank of the ECM coffee machine. Please note: Only suitable for ECM machines with vibration pump
  • Water filter for ECM machines with fixed water connection


"Flush": Before each new espresso, you should briefly "flush" for a few seconds. To do this, take the portafilter out of the brew group and let water run through the brew group at an idle speed. This allows old coffee grounds that have collected on the shower strainer in the brew head to dissolve and prevents unwanted flavours from being absorbed into your coffee.
Strainer: After several espressos, coffee oils and other residues settle on the underside of the strainer of a portafilter. Therefore, every now and then take the filter out of the portafilter, rinse it with water and clean it with a clean cloth.
Cleaning the steam lance: Wipe the steam lance thoroughly with a damp cleaning cloth after each use and let steam hiss through the steam lance once before and after milk foaming. This prevents blockages from dry milk and the accumulation of bacteria.


1. Cleaning the brew group of your coffee machine

Cleaning brush: Remove coffee residues that have accumulated on the filter of the brew group with a group brush.

"Backflushing: Insert the dummy filter into the filter holder. Fill a degreasing tablet or degreasing powder into the dummy filter, clamp the filter holder into the brew group and let water run and stop again several times for 10 seconds at a time. Repeat this process until clear water runs through the brew group again. The best way to do this is to watch the video below. For your information: the dummy strainer is a strainer without holes and is usually included in the delivery of a portafilter machine or can also be purchased separately under spare parts.

Shower sieve: In addition to the backflushing, it is recommended to remove the shower sieve now and then and clean it separately. The shower sieve, which is screwed or pushed up on the brew group, can be unscrewed with a screwdriver or levered down with the screwdriver or a similar object with the seal.

2. Cleaning the steam lance of your coffee machine

When frothing milk, milk fat often accumulates on the steam lance and on the inside of the lance. There are various products for cleaning, each of which should be mixed with water. For thorough cleaning, you can also remove the tip of the steam lance and soak it in the solution for about 10-20 minutes.

3. Cleaning the grinder

Over time, coffee oils accumulate in the housing of the coffee grinder and on its grinding discs, which can give the further coffee extracted a rancid aftertaste. To remove coffee oils from the grinder, we recommend using the following cleaning products. Urnex Grindz, Puly Grind Cristally

4. Cleaning the surfaces of the coffee machine and grinder

Coffee residues and coffee oils also accumulate in the bean container of the grinder or on the surfaces of the coffee machine. Like all oils, coffee oils are not water-soluble and are therefore difficult to remove from surfaces. You can find these products in our shop to remove these oils from surfaces and interiors: Sprayz or Wipz.